Interlude in Twain Harte

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Labor Day weekend in the Sierra

I went to Twain Harte to spend the Labor Day weekend with friends Bob and Carolyn, along with Dean who came up from San Jose. Unlike my earlier trip in July that cost a fortune in car repairs and the agony of a face-plant, I decided to fly up. Dean offered to give me a ride to Twain Harte with her. Good deal! No rental car.

I took very few snapshots this trip and they are mostly unrelated. Think of it as "What I did on my weekend trip."

We have lift-off! As usual, the air in Ontario was unhealthy for all living things.
car left unattended
Oh, oh! Which part of "Do not leave cars unattended" didn't she understand? This woman pulled up, got out of her car and disappeared into the baggage claim area at SJC. The bicycle policeman assigned to patrol the area quickly noticed and prepared to write a ticket. At that point, the woman and her mother (presumably) came out and pleaded in high-pitched wailing with dramatic gestures. He eventually let her off without a ticket and noted sardonically, "Everybody's got an excuse!" But this whole incident gave me pause — Is this how a car bombing begins?
Bob reads newspaper
Staying abreast of current affairs. Bob catches up on the news. Sitting on the deck with a paper is not a bad way to pass the time.
Carolyn reads newspaper
Carolyn, too, stays current. Dean and I each brought a paper (Mercury News and SF Chronicle, respectively) so there was plenty to catch up on.
Dean takes off her brace
Gimpy takes off her brace. Dean is recovering from a broken ankle and a bad back (Would you believe, "reaching for shampoo"?) and we kidded her gently about the hitch in her get-along.
Dean drinks and reads on the patio
Engrossed. Dean was reading The Secret Life of Bees. Wine enhances the story, obviously.
Carolyn demonstrates a girlie-man wave
Like this. The sheriff drove by and waved at Carolyn but it was a "girlie man" wave, as demonstrated here.
Playing Tripoley
Tripoley. We competed enthusiastically for colored plastic disks in a game of Tripoley that tries to be one part Hearts, one part Poker, and one part Gin Rummy.
mood ring
Psychological instrumentation. While browsing through the end-of-season sales on main street, I spied a tray of mood rings. It said I was "very happy."
Problem - missing hinge
Project. Bob and Carolyn have just moved permanently into their Twain Harte house and there are numerous little projects needing doing, such as this hinge on the shed that needed to be replaced. When we arrived, the new hinge was lying on a table in the house.
assemble the screws
Progress. With some encouragement, the hinge was carried to the patio and screws were rounded up. "Well, that's enough for today!"
fit screws into holes
Hint. Dean was unsatisfied with the rate of progress on this project and tried to encourage Bob by showing him how the screws should go.
Dean offers to help
"Helping." When hinting seemed insufficient, Dean offered to "help" Bob. Obviously, he needed someone to hold his pencil.
Bob plans meticulously
Planning is 80%. Bob planned meticulously.
There! I suppose there's a good reason the new hinge is in a different place than the old hinge.
104 degrees in San Jose
Yikes! When we arrived back in San Jose, it was 104° F.
rainbows arc over the valley
Over the rainbow. Back in the desert, rainbows (look closely, there are actually two of them) arced over the Coachella Valley. Raindrops splattered on my windshield.
North end of Palm Springs
Home sweet. This is the beginning of Palm Canyon Drive in the north end of town, by the road to the Tramway.
Water on Baristo
Water, water, everywhere. Surprisingly, the streets were wet and water was even running down the middle of Baristo. Must have been a real gully washer!