Missing photo recovered

For Tony

Shortly after posting my tale of taking the route home through Yosemite and of the sacrifice I made for my art, I received an email from my friend Tony, with the subject "Missing Photo":


The slide show of the trip home was very nice. Well worth the "price" you paid. I have to admit that I would like to have seen a photo of your face print in the ground. In my minds eye I picture a perfect replica of your face in the ground behind a big rock....


How careless of me! I must have overlooked this photo when I was preparing the page. After all, how could I, avid chronicler of the trivial and mundane, have not taken a photo of the aforementioned face print in the ground? I mean, how often does one expose oneself as a clumsy old oaf and not provide additional corroborating evidence of the humiliation?

After an exhaustive search, I have located the missing photograph, and it was right where Tony suggested it might be: In the mind's eye.


And if you think this is real, you probably thought Colin Powell knew what he was talking about when he showed us those aerial satellite photos of chemical weapons sites in Iraq! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.)