Taking the high road home

high road home

And coming face-to-face with low places

The Sable was finally repaired, and I drove up to Sonora this morning from the Bay Area to pick it up. Rather than backtrack to I-5 again, I decided to go through Yosemite National Park on CA-120 and then follow US-395 south to the desert.

It has been a lot of years since I last visited Yosemite and it was good to become reacquainted. Plus, I had never driven all the way through to come out through the Tioga Pass. Wow! What a beautiful drive. There are still patches of snow and everything in the Sierra is still quite green and fresh looking.

My camera has a setting for taking pictures of landscapes and I thought I would give it a try. You can see the results in the accompanying slideshow. However, there was a price to be paid.

The first place I stopped in the park was to look down a hillside that was covered with standing tree trunks — no branches, just the trunks. Wanting a good vantage point, I attempted to jump up on a big rock. Unhappily, I misplaced a foot and fell, pitching right on over the top of the rock onto the ground on the other side. I can say with some assurance, that it is not advisable to use one's nose to break a fall. Miraculously, my eyeglasses did not break (!?!?) and the camera emerged dusty but otherwise unscathed (but it was a bit rather erratic tonight).

nose knee

Luckily I suffered only abrasions, but I suspect that I will awaken stiff and sore tomorrow. My neck took quite a jolt when my face impacted the earth. The good news is that I landed in pretty sandy dirt and did not knock my head on a rock. I'd hate to be accused of breaking park property.

Overnight. I am spending the night in Bishop, California. It's a much bigger town than the dot on the map would indicate. I have a room overlooking a creek that is home to at least three ducks!