Breakfast at Sportsman's

Sportsman's Cafe

Tiffany's it ain't!

Yesterday Jim, Ray, Bob, and I set off for breakfast at the Twain Harte golf club, having failed to notice that breakfast was served only on weekends. Eventually the manager came over to our table and clarified that for us. So, we set out for that other Twain Harte mainstay, Sportsman's Cafe.

Sportsman's Cafe is exactly what you might expect: taxidermed wildlife on the walls, grizzled and flanneled woodsmen on the stools at the breakfast counter, sports memorabilia, bottomless coffee cups, and copious quantities of comfort food, all served up by a saucy waitress who will occasionally restrain herself from calling you "Hon." Almost every breakfast includes Sportsman's Spuds, home-fried potatoes sprinkled with cheese.

Click pictures for bigger view of gluttony, or see all as slideshow.

Jim's plate
Jim achieved a gold star in the Clean Plate club this morning. No doubt his Momma would be proud of him on behalf of the starving children in China.
Bob's plate
Bob demonstrated considerable restraint. But it may have been a natural consequence of dessert the night before (see next picture).

Bob's dessert plate
What Bob had for dessert the night before. Well, it would be rude not to try all the pies and crumbles. Besides, they were all extremely delicious.
Paul's plate
Paul threw all caution and medical advice to the wind. Well, it's almost three months until the next checkup. Check out the pools of grease. Yum!

Ray's plate
Ray's Country Breakfast was served on an honest-to-goodness platter. First, the incredulous waitress asked Ray, "Are you planning on doing something later today?" (We're not sure she didn't have something in mind.) Then the cook's helper came by and said, "Guess I'll have to tell the chef you didn't like his food."

In short, it was an excellent breakfast!