Tale of the roadrunner



I finally got a pretty decent picture of the cheeky little roadrunner.

For the past few weeks, the roadrunner has made frequent appearance around and about Chez Paul. He seems to have fairly regular "rounds," checking various patios and lawns. He boldly struts about my very patio, always when I don't have my camera at hand. He's fond of jumping to the top of the wall and posing provocatively. I have been determined to get a good picture, but haven't figured out the best combination of guile and technology to do so.

roadrunner by Mike's wallYesterday, at a much later time than usual, I spied the little blighter across the way outside Mike's patio. I grabbed my camera and with a rush of adrenaline prepared for action.

Curiously, the roadrunner stood outside Mike's gate looking in, bobbing his head around, apparently rather excited. He hopped through the gate. I moved out by the palm trees in the lawn to be closer when he came out. But he didn't come out! Odd.

roadrunner on back of chairCloser observation revealed what was going on. Mr Roadrunner was striding back and forth in front of Mike's reflective windows, fascinated and a bit challenged by his own image. From time to time he would leap into the air to flap at it, only to thud against the window. Then he would retreat to the high ground (a chair back) to stand sentry duty, calling out and daring his dopplegänger to show his face again: meep! meep!

roadrunner perched on chairbackBring 'em on, you could almost hear him thinking.

Eventually, the roadrunner declared victory and left, hopping to the top of the wall and thence down onto the lawn. And that's when I snapped the shutter.

Click picture for extra large view