Haircut time again

palm trees before and after haircut

Whack! Whack!

About Memorial Day, the tradition of giving the palm trees a summer haircut begins all over town. The ritual was a bit delayed Chez Paul. It seems the "cutters" refused to cut without a guarantee they would be paid. And rightly so. Who would climb a palm tree carrying a big machete if there was a doubt about being paid for the effort?

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climberAlthough the climbers use a ladder to get as high as they can, they ultimately have to climb with just the aid of spurs and a safety chain. Estimating from the relative heights of the trees and roofs, I would say these trees are at least 50 feet (15m) tall. Obviously this not a job for the acrophobic.

This year the palms are full of blossoms because it is so late. Little palm flowers are everywhere and have made a genuine mess of the pools.

pool view beforeThis whole haircut ritual makes a terrible mess. Here's the normal view from my patio toward the pool. If you look closely, you can see the cheeky little roadrunner out on his morning rounds. Can't see him? Look at the sidebar for a clue.

pool view afterHere's the same view after the haircuts, before the gardeners have had a chance to haul away the debris.

palm by front doorEven the little tree by the front door got a haircut, and a good thing it is, too. It got so I practically needed to cut my way out!