Prickly proliferation

cactus bud

Cactus grows profusely

With the warmer weather of spring, the trees and flowers began to blooom and one of my cactus plants is having a growth spurt that almost has to be seen to be believed.

cactus growth Profusion of new growth (Click picture to enlarge)

About a week ago, when I first noticed the cactus' growth, there were just a few small fuzzy-looking growths, and I didn't know if they would turn into blossoms or new lobes.

That is no longer a question. The cactus has simply gone wild producing new lobes, and they are growing at an astonishing rate. The other curious thing is that many of the lobes appear to be developing a fold or crease.

The pictures below compare two parts of the plant on 12 March and 20 March, just eight days apart.

12 March 20 March
new lobes on cactus new lobes on cactus
new lobes on cactus new lobes on cactus