More etcetera

In the wake of the week1

Odds and ends from the past week.

Avenues in Palm Springs

I stand corrected. Just one day after going public with my observation that Palm Springs doesn't have Streets and Avenues, one of the brunch bunch said, "I live on an Avenue: Mesquite." What's embarrassing about this is that I cannot drive to downtown without crossing this major street! I found other Avenues in the Deepwell section of town. But there are no Streets; that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

City-wide loop

This city-wide loop bike path sign is several blocks from what I think is the route. The mockingbird appears just as confused as I am.

Tahquitz creek loop

I've also followed the Tahquitz Creek bike path loop that, logically enough, follows the path of Tahquitz creek nearly to Cathedral City. En route, it passes along at least three golf courses, the city sewage treatment plant (ugh!) and the Oasis water park.

Watch for golf balls

Bikers beware! If you are hit by a golf ball, it's not our fault!

Palm seeds

The life of palms continues to fascinate me. It's not always easy to follow what's going on with them because people intervene so often, giving them haircuts, trimming their petticoats, and so on. It seems that the "long spikey things" I observed last summer are flowers, not seeds after all. If the long spikey things aren't trimmed off, they eventually turn into "hanging clumps" of seeds. They're not dates, although they look similar.

1 With a nod to Bud Geracie, sports columnist for the San Jose Mercury News.