Chronicles: 2004

A sordid soirée (2-Jan)
Etcetera (2-Jan)
Homeland insecurity (7-Jan)
Loop de Palm Springs (11-Jan)
Liberty and justice for all (14-Jan)
Oh the irony! (15-Jan)
The case of the missing Mrs (16-Jan)
National yenta corps (16-Jan)
More etcetera (18-Jan)
Caucus cacophony (20-Jan)
Rose colored union (21-Jan)
Selling Sonicare (22-Jan)
Bob Hope Chrysler Classic (21/25-Jan)
Innovation Chez Paul (26-Jan)
Palm Springs street names (27-Jan)
Worm attack (29-Jan)
No articles are available for this month
March? (1-Mar)
Free Martha (8-Mar)
Ambassador plenipotentiary (11-Mar)
Spring is in the air (13-Mar)
Rice-a-roni (15-Mar)
Chez Paul needs a face lift (17-Mar)
One's appeasement (19-Mar)
Bugbears and flimflam (20-Mar)
Prickly proliferation (21-Mar)
Painters are done (23-Mar)
Cutting the wire (26-Mar)
Who let the dogs out? (27-Mar)
Press three to cancel (1-Apr)
The domino falls (1-Apr)
Crunching the numbers (2-Apr)
Fabulous Las Vegas (4-Apr)
A taxing time (7-Apr)
Condi's story (9-Apr)
Behold the Easter bonnet (12-Apr)
Staying the course (15-Apr)
Frankencactus (15-Apr)
Time and Time again (17-Apr)
Kerry's quagmire (19-Apr)
Bandwidth bandits (21-Apr)
News from the front lines (24-Apr)
Bandwidth exceeded (25-Apr)
Under attack by worms (26-Apr)
Rabbits on lawn (26-Apr)
TweedleGeorge and TweedleDick testify (29-Apr)
No articles are available for this month
The X factor (1-Jun)
Bloodletting (2-Jun)
Kerfuffle (5-Jun)
Super size me (6-Jun)
Repose (7-Jun)
Stalking the roadrunner (10-Jun)
Into the sunset (12-Jun)
Report for jury duty (14-Jun)
Haircut time again (19-Jun)
Mixed grill (26-Jun)
Tale of the roadrunner (27-Jun)
A different world (29-Jun)
Customer service (30-Jun)
Let freedom reign (1-Jul)
It's a long way to Tipperary (3-Jul)
Poor Uncle Sam (3-Jul)
Curse of Twain Harte (5-Jul)
Breakfast at Sportsman's (5-Jul)
Nothing Less (6-Jul)
Scene in Twain Harte (6-Jul)
Soiree Chez Ray (7-Jul)
Taking the high road home (8-Jul)
Manzanar (10-Jul)
Missing photo recovered (11-Jul)
Wildfire (13-Jul)
Bastille Day (14-Jul)
Macho Gov (20-Jul)
Lolligagging in Laguna Beach (20-Jul)
Eilers Inn (20-Jul)
Out on a limb (23-Jul)
Pick a peck (29-Jul)
Kerry nominated (3-Aug)
Covered (4-Aug)
Turning the corner (8-Aug)
The 'skip' button (12-Aug)
Etcetera (14-Aug)
Desperation (18-Aug)
Damn spam (21-Aug)
Waiting for Mr Big (22-Aug)
Make way for advertising (25-Aug)
Maybe there is a god (30-Aug)
All hat (1-Sep)
The broccoli campaign (5-Sep)
Interlude in Twain Harte (8-Sep)
Making the right choice (13-Sep)
Dan's big black eye (19-Sep)
Bush to UN: Get with the program! (22-Sep)
Kerry ad kerfuffle (26-Sep)
Krups ist kaput (1-Oct)
Timing is everything (1-Oct)
Bah, humbug! (3-Oct)
Ooga-booga (5-Oct)
The "anti-" campaign (11-Oct)
Great concept, terrible execution (12-Oct)
The triumph of Mr Coffee (13-Oct)
Minnesota (20-Oct)
So vote already! (24-Oct)
Sortation (25-Oct)
Why? (26-Oct)
High-roller (28-Oct)
More Money misery (30-Oct)
Girlie men (1-Nov)
More Money woes (2-Nov)
Let them eat crow (3-Nov)
Roadhouse revisited (16-Nov)
Election aftermath (18-Nov)
Counter-top shake-up (21-Nov)
Mega-misery from MS Money (22-Nov)
'Tis the season (22-Nov)
It never ends (24-Nov)
They're baaaack! (24-Nov)
No dongle (26-Nov)
Bette Midler (29-Nov)
Twain Harte gets the spirit (3-Dec)
Shufflebored (12-Dec)
Medal of Freedom (14-Dec)
Ham and water product (17-Dec)
Joshua at two (18-Dec)
Grapefruit time (19-Dec)
Drug safety (22-Dec)
Merry humbug (23-Dec)
Their own worst enemy (26-Dec)
A river runs through it (29-Dec)
More than a mouthful (30-Dec)