Christmas with Don — more photos

Camera-shy Don This is Don. Or it would be if Don wouldn't have a conniption fit if I published his picture, even though the picture is a good picture of Don. At the moment, Don is photo-phobic.

27-pound turkey sacrificed

My friend Don and his partner Michael invited me and my friend Bret to join them for Christmas dinner.

But first we had to get there on BC Ferries.

sunset It was a beautiful sunset
seagull flying alongside ferry Seagulls flew alongside the ferry much of the way
Bret shivering in the cold Bret shivering in the cold
houses overlooking the strait Houses overlooking the strait. I want one
Parliament building in Victoria Parliament building in Victoria

Chez Don

Don't tree Don's tree. Don loves Christmas
Don's people Don's people. Everything in the house is Christmas. Everywhere.

Bret's disco ball earring Don bought Bret a miniature disco ball just to prevent...
don't touch the ornaments Stealing an ornament to use as an earring

Dixie Dixie. Is that a fat cat, or what?
Lucy Lucy. She's got some 'splainin' to do.

Rufus Rufus. Rufus is one-half German shepherd and one-half Great Dane. The third half is sweetheart.