More fun with Veo

Veo animation

We are easily amused

Friends Jim and Angela are visiting Chez Paul for a couple of days before submitting themselves to their annual purification ritual at the spa. Just as we walked in the door from brunch, the Veo webcam began to blink, indicating the someone was watching.

The Veo webcam is an interesting thing to have. You can tell when someone is watching, but you have no idea who is doing the watching. Furthermore, you can't know whether they are just watching or watching and listening.

write a question Let's ask a question that can be answered yes or no! Whoever it is can reply by moving the camera up and down or side to side.
show question This will really cut down the possibilities
get a big laugh Who would have thought that a camera bobbing up and down could be so funny
old technology - the phone More technology! You can just never use enough technology.

As Carolyn, Bob's other half, pointed out, the cue cards were wholly unnecessary inasmuch as they could hear us and we could just ask our questions directly. But that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.

Adding to the hilarity, Bob captured most of the session as a video and then sent it to us. We replayed it over and over. The pictures above are frames from the video.