Saga of young Joshua continues

Joshua tree at age 334 days Young Joshua at age 334 days

Surprise – he's still alive!

If you have been wondering whatever happened to young Joshua, the Joshua tree started from seed, but were afraid to ask in case it might be a sorrowful subject, you can relax. Young Joshua is alive and reasonably well.

I won't exactly say he's growing like a weed; most weeds grow a lot faster than young Joshua. A little over 11 months old, young Joshua is just shy of 3 inches tall. However, that's deceptive since I know from repotting him that he's all roots. Each time that I've moved him to a larger pot I've found his roots coiled round and round at the bottom of the pot. That probably makes sense for a tree that grows in the high desert, sending his roots deep down to a reliable source of water.

Joshua trees are said to reach four to six feet in ten years. At the rate young Joshua is growing, in ten years he'd be less than three feet tall. He and I should both live so long!

Measuring up Joshua at age 334 days

You'll note that some of his leaves are squared off at the end. For a long time, young Joshua was on a low shelf near the ground, and I think some creature was nibbling away at him. Since I've moved him to a higher shelf, all the new leaves remain pointed on the end.

I'd suspect the black cat, but even I doubt he's that nefarious. Similarly, the mockingbird that did in the split rock cactus is always a suspect, but I've never seen it anywhere near young Joshua. And surely Wiley Coyote could reach the high shelf if he were of a mind to do so. I'd certainly not like to think it was dear, sweet Lago. Ah, the mysteries of life!