Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade 2003

Festival of Lights parade

Batteries sold separately

The annual Festival of Lights parade proved spectacularly phototropic, drawing practically everyone in the Coachella valley to line Palm Canyon Drive. If it could be driven, pulled, or walk on two legs or four, it was in the parade: marching bands, horses, cement mixers, beer trucks, fire trucks, ice cream trucks, convertibles, whatever!

As long as it had lights. The only thing in the parade that wasn't decorated with lights was the US Marine Corps marching band. I guess Rummy wouldn't make an exception to illuminate their dress uniforms.

Memo to self: Can I somehow corner the market on batteries, twinkly lights, and portable generators?

Alas, there were at least two casualties in this year's parade: an antique car had to leave the parade route in a cloud of smoke, and the dancing tractor hardly got past the starting point, for whatever reason.

Marching band Marching band
Horse drawn fire wagon Horse drawn fire wagon
Best cement mixer Best cement mixer
Mind the car spewing smoke! Mind the car spewing smoke!

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