Size queen


Swimmer with a large penis

Scientists have discovered a 425-million-year-old fossil in England with a prodigious penis. They have dubbed the creature Colymbosathon ecplecticos which means "swimmer with a large penis." (NYTimes, 5-Dec-03)

The fossil, found in Herefordshire, England, is 0.2in long (5mm) and has an unmistakable penis about one-fifth of its body length. Impressive as that sounds, others in Colymbosathan's group of crustaceans are even more well-endowed with organs one-third the length of their bodies.

The average American male is about 5' 10" (70in, 179cm) tall. If proportionate to the Colymbosathan, the average man would be endowed with a penis 14 inches (35.6cm) long.

I think no further comment is best.

Certainly gives new meaning to "jolly old England" doesn't it?