Today I ate a tangerine

First tangerines of the season

Ripening in arrears

Today I picked and ate the first ripe tangerines from the tree next to the patio. They were scrumptious!


The grapefruits are still green. Ripening is taking place much later this year than last. Looking back at my chronicles, I see that I ate the first ripe grapefruit last year on November 12. When I mentioned the delay to Wanda, she said that grapefruit are best every other year. Since last year's crop was so bountiful, this year's, she says, will be smaller and later. She may be on to something. The ones on the trees are notably smaller than they were last year.

I am sure they will be delicious nevertheless.


While I was contemplating my tangerines, I noticed that a friend had joined me on the patio to enjoy the sun. In contrast with the other lizards I've seen, this one moves very slowly, stealthily as it were, in slow motion.

Lizard's tail

I also note that this one has an unusual tail. The end is dark, almost black, and cone-shaped. It almost looks like it was shaped by a pencil sharpener! No, I did not!