Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's mug shot

Bad? Or just a Thriller?

If you came to this article looking for insight and trenchant comment about the Michael Jackson imbroglio, I'm afraid I shall have to disappoint you. I really have nothing new or original to say about Michael. I simply didn't want to be the only website on the internet without a copy of Jackson's booking shot.

I will say, however, that I agree with Michael's brother Jermaine who insists, "Michael is not eccentric." To be eccentric is to be different in somewhat odd and whimsical ways. Michael Jackson isn't eccentric — he's just plain weird. In fact, he is so weird that it is just possible the situation is entirely as he says, and he is totally innocent. However, I find him such a pathetic case that I can't even enjoy poking fun at him.

Michael Jackson on the run Michael on the run

Well, maybe just a little bit. (Thanks for the photo, DJ!)