At the Slug and Lettuce

Let's do lunch

When Jim, Angela, and I found out that we would all be in England at the same time, it just seemed that it would be so jet-setty to "do lunch in London." And so we made our plans: Let's meet at the Starbucks in Leicester Square.

Paul at Starbucks Jim and Angela at Starbucks

After breakfast, I meandered over to Starbucks, got my venti mocha, and setup with my laptop at a table overlooking the front door. After arising near Cambridge where Angela's parent's live, Jim and Angela drove from Cambridge, around London to Wimbledon, parked their car, and took the train then tube to Leicester Square, where we met up at Starbucks, shortly after noon. How perfect is that!

We set off to find somewhere for lunch, with no specific destination in mind. Jim kept making tongue-in-cheek suggestions: "There's KFC." "What about McDonalds?"

"No, Jim, we'll have lunch somewhere with a proper name, like the Slug and Lettuce," I said.

at the Slug and Lettuce

We wandered aimlessly through the streets of Soho and purely by chance came upon — The Slug and Lettuce! When I said we should have lunch at a place called the Slug and Lettuce I was merely conjuring up a name. But I suppose that I must have seen this place on an earlier trip and dredged it up from the recesses of my mind. And then to come across it by chance was just too, too funny!

It turned out that the Slug and Lettuce was a thoroughly modern establishment, despite such a traditional name. Being peckish, we overlooked that shortcoming and took our lunch there.


Afterwards, we strolled about some more and came across the Liberty department store which was Angela's mother's favourite store. We went in to have a look at "Christmas on the 4th floor."

Caricaturist at Leicester Square

Later we had coffee and desserts at a little shop, then walked back to Leicester Square so Jim and Angela could get back on the tube to return to Wimbledon. We thought this caricaturist was doing a fine job, quite.

And thus ends the tale of how Jim and Angela traveled more than 5000 miles from Saratoga, California, to have lunch in London with Paul, who traveled more than 5000 miles from Palm Springs, California.