Break out the brollies

Watch out, amateur here

Yesterday HRM's skies opened and let fall the rain most of the day, nearly horizontally at times. Although rain had been forecast for the entire time of my trip, this was the first time I actually had to use my brollie. The alert status had to be raised another notch — I cause enough disruption walking on dry pavement; with an umbrella I become quite dangerous, indeed.

By way of compensation, I suppose, temperatures have turned milder. When I came into the hotel last night after the theatre, the deskman remarked that it was hot, "Don't you think it's hot?" I explained that I live in the desert, and it is decidedly not hot here.

I had my camera with me while I walked about in the evening and went to dinner. A few snaps of London at night in the rain are displayed below. Leicester Square was all barricaded off, and police were everywhere in their snappy black helmets and yellow rain slickers. Searchlights swept the sky and media trucks lined the square. I accosted a youth to inquire what all the hullabaloo was about, and learned it was the London premier of the new Russell Crowe movie Master and Commander (thus explaining the 4-story billboard pasted on the front of the theatre). The youth was most excited to report that Mr Crowe himself was in attendance. When I asked if this was worth standing in the rain for, he seemed nonplussed.

Trafalgar Square in the rain, from the steps of the National Gallery (which has an exhibit sponsored by HP)
One of the fountains in Trafalgar Square

The Texas Embassy; the sign in the window encourages people to book their Xmas fiestas now
Piccadilly Circus

Odeon Theatre from across Leicester Square, site of Russell Crowe's Master and Commander premier
Two of the many constables on duty, at the barricade

Even in the rain, people thronged to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood glitteratti