United Airlines Boeing 777

London bound

Cheerio, chaps

I'm off to London later this week. United Airlines offered a fare too low not to go: round trip for just over $300, non-stop from LAX.

I've long ago done all the tourist things. As usual, I intend to indulge in a veritable orgy of theatre going. Many trips ago I found a small hotel a block off Leicester Square, which is where the half-price ticket booth is, right in the heart of the theatre district. Manzi's is a venerable establishment; both Johann Straus and Karl Marx have slept there. Its three main virtues are location, location, and location. And, they do not serve English breakfast. Oops, that makes four virtues.

Last night I checked out uk.weather.com, which shows the entire UK under a cloud and forecasts rain throughout my entire visit. Blimey!


Londoners have an absolutely uncanny ability to walk down the sidewalk in throngs, everyone with their brollie, shifting it left and right, to and fro, and never poke an eye out or get entangled with someone else's brollie. I'm going to have to practice.

Stay tuned for all the adventures. And if you see any unfamiliar faces on my webcams while I'm gone, please get a screen capture to assist the police.