A day of firsts

Marvelous Monday

Today was a day of firsts Chez Paul.

Winter came to the valley over the weekend. The temperatures dropped precipitously, and it drizzled lightly on Saturday. By Sunday it had stopped raining, but it was still cold and dreary.

Where the coyote was Where the coyote was

First coyote. When I got up on Monday morning, the temperature was still in the mid-50s, and heavy dark clouds still hung over the mountaintops, but the skies were otherwise clear and sunny. About 7:30am I stepped onto the patio with my cup of coffee to admire the new day, and there, bold as brass, was Wiley Coyote trotting across the lawn.

Coyote Coyote

It was a splendid creature: tawny gold, sleek, apparently well-fed, and alert. However it paid no attention to me whatever, rather appeared to be heading straight to Wanda's place next door.

At that moment, TJ, the black cat, having decided that discretion would be the better part of valor, made a quick exit stage-left and cut through my patio en route to presumed safety elsewhere. It didn't even blink when it saw me standing there! The only time I've seen the cat move that fast was when it was pursued by an irate mockingbird.

By the time I got my camera, the coyote was, of course, gone. I know some will protest that the picture is fake, that a coyote has been superimposed on a picture of my lawn, and that is true. But that is really how it would have looked if I had had my camera at the right time!

First snow of the season First snow of the season (Click picture to enlarge)

First snow. About an hour after the coyote sighting, the clouds cleared away from the mountaintops to reveal a fresh topping of snow. How fabulous! Winter has truly come to the valley.