Parades aplenty

Pride goeth before the cart

Coachella Valley had a choice of parades on Sunday. In Palm Springs, the Gay Pride parade stepped off at 11am, followed by the Golf Cart parade in Palm Desert at 1pm. It was a lovely day for a parade: sunny and warm, without being sweltering.

Pride parade. In Palm Springs, Palm Canyon Drive was lined several people deep on both sides with people of every sort, from drag queens to leather queens, from muscle boys to confused Nebraskans.

Sitting band

It's customary in most cities for Pride parades to be led by a contingent of Dykes on Bikes. The Palm Springs parade was led by a marching band seated on a flatbed truck. Geezer Wheezers on Wheels?

Single dyke on bike for two

A single dyke on a bicycle built for two towed a kayak some distance back in the marching order. Lest the sisters think they were shamefully absent, it must be noted that lesbians on proper motorcycles did appear later in parade.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence strolled down the parade route with their parasols. No parade could be complete without the Sisters.

Cart parade. The annual Golf Cart parade in Palm Desert appeared to draw a much smaller crowd than last year. Last year there was no other parade on the same day, but I hardly think that explains it — the two parades hardly attract the same demographic.


This pooch seemed to sum up the ho-hum attitude quite nicely. I don't know what kind of dog this is, with rolls of extra skin only around the neck.

Golf cart parade

I didn't take many pictures at the Golf Cart parade on account of being somewhat late, but also because I took so many last year.

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