What are they thinking?

Click picture to enlarge. Gardeners chop away.

Gardeners run amok

I've written before about the peculiar horticultural practices here in Palm Springs: the twice-yearly replacement of the grass, the annual haircuts for the palm trees.

This morning I am witness to another inexplicable event. Two gardeners are hard at work around the unit across the lawn.

One gardener is digging up the hedge that lines the front of the unit's patio. That is understandable. The hedge was greatly overgrown, was cut back severely this summer, and now consists mostly of bare dried branches and twigs. Suffice it to say that it is not attractive.

The second gardener is pruning the grapefruit tree. This consists primarily of lopping off all the low-hanging branches. That may sound reasonable, but the fact is that one of the reasons the branches are low-hanging is that they are laden with unripe grapefruit. Several bushels of potentially delicious grapefruit have already been destroyed.

On other occasions this summer I have seen a gardener go around with a clipper and systematically clip off all the blossoms on the hibiscus and other flowering shrubs.

I'm sure they think they're doing a good thing. But damned if I can figure it out.