Kill grass!

It's that time again

It's the end of September, and that means it's time to kill the grass.

The annual ritual of killing all the grass in Palm Springs began this week. All over town, gardeners turned off the irrigation and set their mowers to cut the grass down to the dirt. Lawns that last week were lush green are now dry and brown. It is as if the desert has reasserted its primacy.

Not to fear. Seeds of the winter grass will soon be strewn, the sprinklers will soon again gently coax the apparent wasteland to verdant splendor.

Last year I was surprised and shocked to learn of this biannual ritual of the grass. This year I affect an air of blasé discernment. "Oh, of course, it's the grass again." Ker-choo! Gesundheit!

It's the just the changing of the grass. Happens twice a year.