Nothin' but blue skies

blue skies

Good weather has returned

After nasty, humid air for much of July and August, September has brought back to the desert the weather we all know and love — clear blue skies, clean air, low humidity, cool mornings.

current weather

Long-time residents say that July and August were "the worst ever!" On far too many days the air was humid, and the skies were so hazy that you could hardly see the mountains if you were right next to them. In short, it was the kind of air more typically found in San Bernardino.

And easterly winds brought the lovely scent of the Salton Sea, formed at the beginning of the 20th century when a flood broke through an irrigation canal from the Colorado River and filled up the basin. Mary Bono (R., US Rep.) has made the Salton Sea her pet project, but frankly the Salton Sea stinks.

But all that seems to be cleared away now. The skies are once again an intense blue (see unretouched photograph, above), and the air is clean and clear. Light breezes waft through the palm trees. Mornings are again perfect: 70° F. or so. Ideal for a walk followed by coffee on the patio.

Life is good!