Flood update

filter The cause of it all

Chez Paul is dry again!

After three days of 24-hour fanning and dehumidifying, Chez Paul can once again claim that it's "a dry heat" and not a sauna.

It could have been a lot worse. If you're going to be flooded, filtered tap water is definitely one of the more benign sources. And it could have happened when it's genuinely hot. With all the doors and windows open for maximum ventilation, running the air conditioner would have been futile and very expensive. It was a stroke of luck that it coincided with a spell of abnormally low temperatures. By abnormally low, I mean 90s and low 100s, of course.

The carpet will come out of this in good shape, being brand new (one year, exactly!) and having started the drying right away. The only issue is that it apparently shrank, and the tech couldn't stretch it enough to make a good seam with the tile. The gap isn't very big, but it leaves the edge of the carpet exposed, and with a Berber, that's going to spell trouble.

The most painful casualty is my prized dining table and chairs. Unbeknownst to me, they had stood for several hours with their feet in water. Although the amount of water absorbed probably wasn't all that much, in an absolute sense, it was enough to wreak havoc with the lacquer finish and glue joints.

The chairs, with their unusual design, have suffered in particular: the back legs and chair back are all one unit, consisting of several pieces of wood with spacers between them and all glued together. As the wood dried, it warped a little, and some of the joints gave way.

To be sure, it could be much worse. But— Except for the house itself, and my car, this table and chairs is the most expensive thing I've ever bought, and I'm distressed to see it damaged before it is even one year old.

The good news is, however, that when I bought the dining set I also purchased an extended warranty on it that covers almost everything except daily wear-and-tear and acts-of-God. Happily, a flood is neither, and the repair and/or replacement will be covered.