fourth of july

Rockets red glare

From sea to shining sea, etcetera

It was a red, white, and blue, flag-waving, patriotic song-singing, fireworks 4th of July in Palm Springs. In a subdued sort of way.

The city held its 49th July 4th celebration at the Palm Springs stadium. That is to say, the 49th celebration, not necessarily the 49th celebration in the stadium.

A troupe of volunteer singers and dancers entertained for several hours before the fireworks from a stage erected just beyond 2nd base. A few had great voices; others had community spirit. The musical program consisted mostly of feel-good pop songs, show-tunes, and, of course, a medley of patriotic songs.

People set up their lawn chairs and spread blankets on the infield, or sat in the stands. Others simply stayed in the park around the stadium, where many had picnicked. The crowd was a complete mixture of every size, shape, and hue of person. There may be hope for this country yet!

The fireworks were actually very good and lasted about 25 minutes. In addition to the usual high rockets, there were many smaller ones quite low to the ground. And a new one I hadn't seen before that broke into many small, squirmy things on the way up — rather like pyrotechnic sperm ejaculating into the sky.

Before going to the celebration, I went out to push back the patio curtains. I was surprised to see that I had a visitor who apparently had sought refuge in the (relatively) cool shade of the patio. To my further surprise, he/she/it did not run away when I moved the curtains, and he/she/it even sat for this portrait. (No, it wasn't dead.)

The amazing colors show up even better in the larger picture (click picture).