saddam wanted dead or alive

Wanted dead or alive

Read my lips

They told us Saddam didn't matter. Dubya told us. Ari Fleischer told us. Donald Rumsfeld told us. Tommy Franks told us. Condoleeza Rice told us. Colin Powell told us. They all told us. Saddam Hussein didn't really matter. What did matter was that Saddam's regime was no more. It was not about one man, it was about regime change.

In the daily press briefing on 4 April, the Shrub's spokesperson Ari Fleisher put it this way:

At this stage, all I can tell you is we don't know [if an audio tape was really Saddam]. I can also tell you in the bigger scheme of things, it really doesn't matter. Because whether it is him, or whether it isn't him, the regime's days are numbered and are coming to an end.

Yeah, right!

Today we find out just how much Saddam doesn't matter: $25 million worth of not mattering. Dow Jones reports that the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority is offering $25 million for Saddam, dead or alive, and an additional $15 million for information about his two sons.

Just like they told us Osama didn't matter. Just like Osama didn't matter so much that the FBI is offering a $25 million reward for Osama's apprehension and conviction.

Next I suppose Bush and his posse will try to tell us it doesn't matter that they can't find the Weapons of Mass Destruction. You know the ones: the ones Colin, and Donald, and .... all told us existed, the ones they said we [the US] knew where they were.

Want some fun?

Go to Google.
Type in "Weapons of Mass Destruction" as the search terms.
Click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button (instead of "Google Search")

—Thanks, Alan!

Bush on carrier Abraham Lincoln

They used to call Ronald Reagan "the great communicator" because, I assume, of his mastery of using the television medium to stage his message and image. (It certainly wasn't because he could express himself clearly.) This White House also does that exceedingly well: the locations are chosen with extreme care and the camera angles are always just perfect. But at the same time, they put out the most egregious hogwash and expect us to believe it.