resident rabbit

New resident

All together now, say, "Awwww!"

About a week ago I noticed that a new critter has taken up residence Chez Paul.

A wee small rabbit, presumably one of this year's crop, has apparently found a home in the hedge in front of my patio.

I think I shall call him/her "Lago," for lagomorph. According to the Animal Network's Critter Collection, rabbits can learn tricks and like to play with toys. I wonder, How long will it take to teach Lago how to mix a martini?

It must be getting quite crowded in that hedge. In addition to the rabbit, I know of at least three lizards and a rat that live in there.

All these creatures are fond of coming out into the opening in front of the gate to see and be seen. They treat it as their own little stage for showing off. Although the rat mostly scuttles from one side to the other, the lizards like to do push-ups in the sun. And Lago will, I'm sure, soon be demonstrating tricks.

webcam with protective parasol

As a precautionary measure, I've outfitted the webcam's tripod with a protective parasol. Given the rising daytime temps, I wouldn't like to be responsible for any fried circuits and chips.