Major milestone

My car rejoices

It was eleven months ago today that my friend Bob and I pulled the big blue Budget truck into the driveway in the move to Chez Paul, Palm Springs. We brought the furniture and the Bombay sapphire gin into the house and disgorged everything else into the garage.

The idea was, of course, that I would go through everything again, now that I had more time to really think about what to keep and what to get rid of. Only keepers would make it into the house; the rest would move to the curb for the trashman.

car in garage

My car is extremely relieved that the decision process is finally over. I am relieved that I can once again get in the car to run an errand without needing the driving gloves so thoughtfully given to me by Jim and Angela as a retirement gift.

Asked for a comment, Sable replied acerbically, "Well, it's about time — I was afraid I was going to get skin cancer!"