Trader Paul

Trader Paul

Introducing a new section

I've written several times about my adventures in the stock market (see sidebar). Today I'm introducing a new section of the web site: Trader Paul.

In Trader Paul I look back at the stock trades I've made: Did I learn anything? What's the bottom line?

I decided to put up the section because my "hobby" has grown into a fairly serious activity, and I give it a fair amount of time and attention. And I have learned a lot along the way, both about trading and about my own trading psychology. It may be interesting to others. If not, oh well.

I debated with myself about putting up this section.

• I have no intention of offering investment advice. There are professionals for that. I know nothing beyond what you can find on the internet for free. Besides, I would regret it, and you might too. I'd regret it because then I'd have to worry not only about my own trades, but yours too. You might regret it because it could turn out badly.

• I also worry a little about giving a wrong impression. I take my trading seriously, and if it makes me some money all the better. But I take it seriously in the same way I take a good cup of coffee seriously. I'm disappointed if it turns out badly, but it's not the end of the world.

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