Bob Hope Bob Hope, in the early years

Happy 100th birthday, Bob

Thanks for the memories...

Bob Hope is 100 years old today. I wonder if Willard Scott will show his picture on a Smucker's jam label?

The Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs are holding an all-day Bob Hope film marathon in celebration of his birthday.

Bob Hope is a pillar of Palm Springs life.

His house with its flying-saucer roof is a landmark along Hwy 111, not much more than a mile from where I live. We're neighbors, practically.

Bob Hope's house close-up view of Bob Hope's house roof

There is, of course Bob Hope Drive, that intersects with not only Dinah Shore, but Frank Sinatra and Gerald Ford as well.

road sign at Bob Hope Dr and Dinah Shore DrBob Hope's star in sidewalk

Naturally, Bob has a star in the sidewalk. Bob's a modest man. Whereas Lucy is a bench downtown, and Sonny has both a statue and a freeway, Bob just has a star.

logo of Bob Hope Chrysler Classic golf tournament

The Bob Hope Chrysler Classic golf tournament is a perennial fund-raising event for the Eisenhower Medical Center and many other charitable organizations in the Coachella Valley. Faithful readers will recall that I worked as a marshal at the tournament this spring.

Bob Hope in joke vault

According to AARP The Magazine, Bob keeps his jokes in a walk-in vault in his house. Funny, all these years I thought he just had a quick wit and a good memory. Hear Bob tell jokes

And Bob's always good for a cover of Palm Springs Life magazine. Judging from the number of times he's been on the cover, I'd say he either owns a part interest in the magazine, or they need fresh ideas in the art department.

1997 January cover 1999 January cover 1999 September cover 2000 January cover 2001 February cover

But wait! There's more! There is a whole series of covers devoted specifically to the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic!