Dannon redux

More umbrage over Dannon's slight of cup

I am not alone. The switcheroo by Dannon yogurt from an 8-ounce cup to a 6-ounce cup has come to the attention of Consumer Reports. "Selling It" in the June, 2003, issue calls Dannon to task for its new-and-reduced packaging at the same price. (Thanks for the tip, Jim!)

Consumer Reports, June 2003, p. 59

Insult to injury. But that's not all, folks. When I was checking prices yesterday at my local Ralphs for my article on the price of water, I noticed that the new, smaller container of Dannon yogurt is no longer being sold for the same price as the older, larger container. The price has been raised! Instead of 75¢ those 6 ounces now cost 79¢ another 5% price increase on top of the effective 33% hike accomplished by downsizing the container without reducing the price.

Dannon has an FAQ on their website about the "new look and size." It used to say that they had "suggested" the new containers be sold at a somewhat lower price (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). The FAQ no longer says anything (as of today) about price.

I would make a comment, but what I would say goes without saying.