Grass again

Spring reseeding is under way

The cycle of reseeding all the grass twice a year continues with the spring re-seeding.

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Last October, I was startled to discover that the beautiful lawn was being scalped down to the dirt only to be re-seeded with winter grass. The ritual has now come full circle.

The spring reseeding at my complex took place during the last week of March. In contrast to the fall, when the lawns were traumatized by cutting them back to the very dirt, this phase of the cycle consisted merely of sowing new seed.


The logic of the grass ritual is now becoming more clear.

Fall. The tough Bermuda grass of the summer is cut back severely (that is, to the dirt) so the winter grass can sprout and take hold without competition.

Spring. Bermuda grass is sown for the summer, since it is hardier and able to withstand the temperatures and rapid evaporation of water. It is unnecessary to cut the winter grass back inasmuch as the Bermuda grass is aggressive and the winter grass will perish on the first hot day in May anyway.