The nose knows

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The citrus trees are in full bloom, and the scent simply fills the air. You know, like being in an elevator with someone who has been overly generous while applying perfume or cologne. This is especially true the last couple of days while the temperatures have warmed up into the 80s, making those little molecules of odor more agile.

I probably shouldn't have been surprised—but I was—to find that the trees are laden with both fruit and blossoms at the same time. In the northern climes where I grew up, this never happened. Apple trees, for instance, blossomed in the spring and the apples were always gone by the fall. It's also remarkable how long the citrus fruit stays on the trees after becoming fully ripe. The grapefruit simply don't fall off and don't seem to go bad either. It was last November when I ate my first grapefruit, and, four months later, there are still plenty of grapefruit hanging on the trees.

There is simply a profusion of blossoms. Presumably this portends a bountiful harvest again in the fall.

grapefruit grapefruit grapefruit blossom blossom closeup