Joshua Tree National Park

Entrance to Joshua Tree NP Entrance to Joshua Tree NP

Day trip

Another nice day after a series of cold, rainy ones was a good opportunity for a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park. "They say" that the Joshua Trees bloom between February and April, and we hoped to see them.

The northern entrance to the park is about an hour's leisurely drive from Palm Springs. From Palm Springs, you go straight up Indian Canyon, all the way across the I-10 freeway, to the junction with Twentynine Palms highway, also known as Hwy 62 or "the 62" as Southlanders say.

Passing Desert Hot Springs en route to the park
Hwy 62 climbing into the Little San Bernardino Mountains

The park is simply stunning: the rugged mountains, the unsual plants, the different ecosystems, the views.

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I was also eager to see what Little Joshua, growing on my kitchen counter since January 8, might look like if I live long enough.

young joshua tree 36 days old Young Joshua, shown here at Day 36
Joshua tree in the park One of his (her?) relatives in the park

Spittin' image, wouldn't you say?

As is often the case, many interesting things can be found near the ground.

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