Superbowl party


For the past several years, my friends and I have gotten together for a Super Bowl party, and this year was no exception. It's not that we're such die-hard football fans — like many other people we just find it a convenient excuse to spend time with our friends, eat a lot, drink a lot, and be able to say "yes" when asked, "Did you watch the Super Bowl?"

Beginning in 1999 we took the party on the road, first to Bob's new house in Twain Harte, still sans-furniture, then to Paul's new house in Palm Springs, also sans-furniture at the time. Then followed two years in rented resort houses. This year, the party returned Chez Paul, but this time with furniture!

Superbowl eve

cocktails on the patio (click picture to enlarge)

After everyone arrived on Saturday, we assembled on the patio for cocktails. I was mixing martinis and — endeavoring to be a good host — made sure to give a generous pour.

Paul after a couple of generous martinis (click picture to enlarge)

As you can see, I was happy to see my friends. I have to be more careful where I put my camera down!

sous-chef Carolyn Fortunately, I enjoyed the able assistance of sous-chef Carolyn, a real self-starter. (click picture to enlarge)

For dinner, we had a simplified cassoulet (Sunset magazine, Jan-94), tossed salad, crusty French bread, and ice-cream for dessert. Naturally, this was accompanied by copious quantities of red and white wines.

bread and classes (Click picture to enlarge)
view of the buffet (Click picture to enlarge)
Ray and Bob (Click picture to enlarge)
Ray and Paul (Click picture to enlarge)

Aren't the football-shaped party lights festive?

After dinner, whiskey was consumed. As if that was necessary!

Superbowl morning

We had a 10:30am tee-time at Tommy Jacob's Bel Air Greens golf course. This is a "locals" 9-hole course: flat, lots of shade, and plenty of water, which makes it also popular with ducks, turtles, and other unidentified waterfowl.

Our scorecard. Names have been obliterated to protect our self-esteem.

Game time

After a "light lunch" we assembled around the TV set to watch the Raiders be completely over-run by the Bucs.

Carolyn watching the game (Click picture to enlarge)
Ray watching (Click picture to enlarge)

It wasn't a very exciting game.

Post game

It was time to get serious for the now-traditional barbecued ribs from Eli's Deli.

ribs await us (Click picture to enlarge)
at table (Click picture to enlarge)

In addition to the ribs, I made some cole slaw with peas and peanuts, and a big bowl of potato salad. Of course, there was beer and wine to wash it all down.

In absentia

(Click picture to enlarge)

Alas, two of our gang didn't make the trip this year. Angela was closing on her latest house, and Jim stayed behind as well to be supportive.