Is anybody watching?

image of people looking at web site

I've always known that at least some people were looking at my site. My buds at HP Rack Solutions occasionally send a note saying "Enough with the car already!" or "Turn around and wave at the camera!" And my friend Jim occasionally goes off on something he's seen on my site; he takes a keen interest in my appliances. Anecdotal evidence is always good, but I wanted some real data, so I turned to the logfiles kept by my webserver.

To get an idea of just how much usage the site is getting, I looked at the number of pageviews per month. (A pageview is counted each time the web server is asked to send an HTML page.) The number has ranged from 1 during the month of June (this was probably me, checking to see if the site was live yet) to nearly 1700 in November.

Mind, I've never "marketed" my site by submitting it to search engines or taking out ads on Google. But the site has been picked up by a few search engines, including Google, Altavista, and Yahoo. Looking at the search terms that landed people on my site has been a hoot. For example:

  • "bathroom master"
  • "bathroom partition"
  • "bathroom" [image]
  • "burlap wallpaper"
  • "carpet grass seed"
  • "charter member"
  • "custom golf cart pictures"
  • "decorating master bedroom"
  • "grapefruit tree picture"
  • "how to grout bathrooms"
  • "kill mildew under house"
  • "master bathroom pictures"
  • "master bathroom" [photo]
  • "master bedroom decorating"
  • "mildew"
  • "moulinex coffee"
  • "moulinex kitchen appliances"
  • "Palm Desert High"
  • "pergo discontinued
  • "picture of golf riding cart"
  • "repair termite damage"
  • "replacing Mr. Coffee"
  • "retirement gifts retirees"
  • "richard challenger"
  • "Riff Valley"
  • "see no evil"
  • "shaker"
  • "Thunderbird Mortgage"
  • "tongs"
  • "universal card" "charter"

Now, curious as these search terms are, at least some look suspiciously like someone playing around trying to see if the site would be found by different search engines using words already known to exist on the pages. (Jim?) Really, now, who does a web search for "tongs"? (someone using, that's who)

It's also interesting that a couple of web monitoring services accounted for some of the activity on the site, Hyperspin and Netcraft.

But what I'd really like to know is how my site got linked from the recipes at Better Homes and Gardens!

Ah, yes, the World Wierd Web.