Santa Ana winds

view obscured by sand in the air

musical notes On a clear day, musical notes you can see forever. But today's anything but a clear day.

After a lovely day yesterday — clear, sunny, temps near 80° — the wind started up again last night, blustering and gusting about loudly. It has continued all day today, presumably a result of a "gradient" between high and low pressure areas. The air is full of sand, and the view is obscured in all directions.

According to Accuweather, these are Santa Ana winds.

Santa Ana winds
Santa Ana conditions will continue across southern California Monday night and into Tuesday. Easterly winds will average 30-50 mph with gusts to 70 mph Monday night. Wind damage is possible, especially just below the passes. By Tuesday, the wind will ease just a bit, averaging 20-40 mph with frequent gusts to 60 mph. ....

Santa Ana winds are strong easterly winds that occur across southern California. Pressure differences between southern California (lower pressure) and the Intermountain West (higher pressure) create them. The larger the pressure difference, the stronger the wind. The wind strengthens even more across southern California due to the air being funneled through the canyons west of the southern California Basin. Wind gusts can exceed 80 mph, producing damage and even restricting travel.