Happy New Year!

It's that time again — time to look back at the year just ended and time to look ahead to the coming year with a few New Year's resolutions.


2002 was a good year! A very good year!

  • I retired from HP after 15 years. To be sure, it was a few months earlier than I had planned on, but when your company says, "We'll give you some extra money if you'll just go away quietly, now," the only sensible response is "Where do I sign?" My last day at HP was June 28.
  • I sold my San Jose condo in a deal that moved so fast it made the head spin — less than two weeks from offer to close of escrow on July 25.
  • I moved from San Jose to Palm Springs, into the retirement home I had purchased while on Christmas break in 1999. As it happened, my tenant moved out in April, giving me time for some minor improvements before moving in at the end of July.
  • My love handles have started to disappear and I have once again begun to dream. (I've dreamt only occasionally for years!)

Life is good.


Here are my top five resolutions for 2003. These are purely ritualistic. I can't think of any New Year's resolution I've ever fulfilled.

  • Send the Christmas cards I bought in the after-Christmas clearance of 1987
  • Declare my Enron stock worthless — duh!
  • Clear enough space in the garage to accommodate the car
  • Try not to kill off the herbs and cacti I planted in November
  • Turn 60 years old (this one's a no brainer)