Chronicles: 2003

Happy New Year! (1-Jan-03)
Black thumb strikes again (3-Jan-03)
Santa Ana winds (6-Jan-03)
More appliance tales (8-Jan-03)
Growing a Joshua tree (12-Jan-03)
Appliance doping (15-Jan-03)
Is anybody watching? (20-Jan-03)
Growing a Joshua tree (22-Jan-03)
Superbowl party (26-Jan-03)
Young Joshua (28-Jan-03)
Year of the sheep (1-Feb-03)
Only in Palm Springs (4-Feb-03)
Bob Hope Chrysler Classic (5-Feb-03)
Whitewater (9-Feb-03)
Joshua Tree National Park (15-Feb-03)
Snow in the desert (1-Mar-03)
Attacked! (5-Mar-03)
Lost in La Mancha (6-Mar-03)
Attack 2 (8-Mar-03)
Transplant (10-Mar-03)
The nose knows (13-Mar-03)
All downhill from here (25-Mar-03)
Shock and awe (25-Mar-03)
Hike in Palm Canyon (29-Mar-03)
Fool (1-Apr-03)
FtpPutFile Error: 0 (3-Apr-03)
Cactus update (5-Apr-03)
Grass (5-Apr-03)
Naked bridge update (7-Apr-03)
Tribe (9-Apr-03)
Shoe to the face (10-Apr-03)
Who's next? (16-Apr-03)
Expectations game (17-Apr-03)
Dead at 132 (21-Apr-03)
Righteous remorse (26-Apr-03)
Well duh! (29-Apr-03)
Three score and counting (1-May-03)
High dudgeon over Dannon (2-May-03)
Leapin' lizards (3-May-03)
Greenspan mania (5-May-03)
Chocolate (6-May-03)
Separated at birth? (8-May-03)
House with a view (10-May-03)
Poor John Snow (12-May-03)
Dannon redux (13-May-03)
Shopping for water (13-May-03)
Camping at Lopez Lake (20-May-03)
Haircut day (27-May-03)
Happy birthday, Bob (29-May-03)
Well, duh! (1-Jun-03)
Joshua at 145 (3-Jun-03)
Laptops (4-Jun-03)
Trader Paul (6-Jun-03)
Your membership has been approved (9-Jun-03)
Three good reasons to leave Martha Stewart alone (9-Jun-03)
Cross currents in the gene pool (12-Jun-03)
Cawabunga, dude! (13-Jun-03)
The life of palms (14-Jun-03)
Toffee butter popcorn (17-Jun-03)
Summer solstice sunrise (21-Jun-03)
Major milestone (23-Jun-03)
30000 mile service (23-Jun-03)
New resident (26-Jun-03)
One! (28-Jun-03)
Winged migration (30-Jun-03)
Righting wrongs 1-Jul-03
Wanted dead or alive 3-Jul-03
Rockets red glare 4-Jul-03
Leave the petticoats alone 7-Jul-03
Anybody can be president 10-Jul-03
President sons of presidents 10-Jul-03
Overwrought? 12-Jul-03
Waffles for Sunday breakfast 13-Jul-03
A cruel reminder 15-Jul-03
Dear W 18-Jul-03
Right to remain anonymous? 26-Jul-03
Mabry Road 28-Jul-03
We're expecting! 28-Jul-03
The great flood 29-Jul-03
Flood update (1-Aug-03)
All hail (1-Aug-03)
Against all odds (6-Aug-03)
Vancouver diary (7-Aug-03)
Dramatic rescue Chez Paul (8-Aug-03)
Election circus? (11-Aug-03)
Laid back in Laguna Beach (16-Aug-03)
Knocker's up (18-Aug-03)
Why the US attacked Iraq (18-Aug-03)
I would like to thank (20-Aug-03)
Cuffed for God (21-Aug-03)
One that didn't get away (22-Aug-03)y
Iraq coalition (25-Aug-03)
Letter from Crawford (25-Aug-03)
On the road (29-Aug-03)
Labor day (1-Sep-03)
Sierra Imax outdoor theater (1-Sep-03)
Home again, home again, jiggity jig (6-Sep-03)
On fire (9-Sep-03)
Nothin' but blue skies (12-Sep-03)
What a tangled web (13-Sep-03)
Moisturizing hydratant (17-Sep-03)t
Hydratant redux (18-Sep-03)
Can you hear me now? (20-Sep-03)
Agree with Bush (21-Sep-03)
Spying at Gitmo (25-Sep-03)
Gone to the dogs (26-Sep-03)
Kill grass! (26-Sep-03)
Barking up the wrong tree (29-Sep-03)
What are they thinking? (1-Oct-03)
Thank you, Time magazine (1-Oct-03)
Lions and tigers, oh my (4-Oct-03)
I voted (7-Oct-03)
Morning after (8-Oct-03)
Career paths (14-Oct-03)
Seized of the matter (16-Oct-03)
Veo online cocktail party (16-Oct-03)
WMD hype and hope (17-Oct-03)
HOG heaven (19-Oct-03)
Heatwole feels the heat (21-Oct-03)
Biker Paul (23-Oct-03)
Where there is smoke (30-Oct-03)
Parades aplenty (4-Nov)
A day of firsts (3-Nov)
Empty nest (5-Nov)
The signing (6-Nov)
London bound (11-Nov)
It must be London (15-Nov)
Plugged and wireless (16-Nov)
While the cat's away (17-Nov)
Random Ramblings (17-Nov)
Break out the brollies (18-Nov)
Besieged by Bush (18-Nov)
At the Slug and Lettuce (18-Nov)
Brown stuff, white stuff yes (18-Nov)
Mind the gap (19-Nov)
Things I know I don't need (21-Nov)
Drug benefit (25-Nov)
Michael Jackson (25-Nov)
Thanksgiving dinner (27-Nov)
Baghdad Bush (28-Nov)
Flora's excellent outdoor adventure (1-Dec)
Two fingers Dan (1-Dec)
Deck the halls (1-Dec)
Today I ate a tangerine (3-Dec)
Liar, liar (3-Dec)
Roto-Rescue (5-Dec)
Size queen (5-Dec)
Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade 2003 (6-Dec)
Opening Pandora's box (8-Dec)
Saga of young Joshua continues (9-Dec)
New front in the advertising war (10-Dec)
Mixed messages (12-Dec)
News flash (19-Dec)
Class-action action (21-Dec)
Winter solstice (22-Dec)
More fun with Veo (29-Dec)
Christmas in Canada (29-Dec)
Christmas with Don — more photos (29-Dec-03)
Even more fun with Veo (30-Dec-03)