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First guests

Friends Jenifer and Richard came to visit, with the furniture in but not much else. All the boxes were still in the garage and the cupboards were bare. But not to worry — they brought an ample supply of snacks and refreshments. They were terrific guests (read: self-sufficient), and we had a great time.

Inasmuch as the furniture was in the house, Jenifer and Richard qualify as "first guests to sleep in a bed" (This title was later hotly disputed!)

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Although the cupboards were bare, the new refrigerator was well stocked – with Bombay Sapphire and Peets coffee!

... who slept on the floor

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Others were not so lucky. On the weekend that I took possession of the house — Superbowl 2000 — Carolyn, Bob, Ray, Angela, and Jim (left to right) came down from San Jose for a Superbowl / housewarming party. The house, of course, was empty except for a borrowed TV and several cheap plastic lawn chairs from Longs Drugs.

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We had a lot of food and refreshments then, too. Hmmm. There seems to be a pattern.

Wonder which box those cute little football lights are in....