. One of my friends, Ken, said, "Hire a mover. Spend the money. It's worth it." Did I listen? No.

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Another friend, Bob, said, "If you like, I'll help you move." Who can resist an offer like that?


In the morning of July 23, we went to pick up the rental truck from Budget truck rentals. It turned out to be shiny, new, and blue, just like the picture on their website.

Quite a lot of my stuff had already been boxed up and put in storage to de-clutter the house while it was being remodeled and listed for sale, so we began by driving to the storage locker to pick up what was there. What happened there is another tale. When everything thing in the locker had been loaded, I began to have doubts about having gotten such a big truck; my stuff from the locker all fit way in the front. This, of course, was foolish, for as we all know, stuff expands to fill all available space.

For the most part, loading went smoothly, despite the two flights of stairs down to the truck. We were also lucky in that the new owner also bought some of my furniture, including a sofa bed that I had feared moving under threat of hernia. The one truly ornery piece was a chest of drawers that I had planned to move with its contents in place. After all, underwear doesn't weigh much, right? Weight, of course, was only part of the problem. Much more serious was the fact that the surfaces were all smooth, offering no easy handholds, and became slippery with sweat as soon as we touched them.

Another friend, Ray, came along later in the afternoon while I was boxing up "the few little things" that hadn't been previously boxed. Naturally these things sprang up everywhere, not unlike weeds in the garden. Ray helped by using his "UPS skills" to pack the stuff in the truck as I boxed, wrapped, or otherwise prepared it for loading. True to form, at the end of the day, the truck was full — chock-a-block full from front to back.


On Wednesday morning, Bob and I set out in the truck, but not until we had tried to jury-rig a CD-player (unsuccessful) and stopped for pastry and coffee before even leaving town.

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I always hate profile shots: they emphasize my deeply receding hairline and the aerodynamic skull shape inherited from my father. Not to mention the double chin.

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It was fantastic having someone to share driving with. It was an uneventful trip, except for the (almost certainly) fatal accident we witnessed in which a farm truck flipped over and pancaked on a stretch of dry, straight highway in broad daylight.

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I had held out to Bob the enticement of a rib dinner at Eli's Deli as a reward for his sherpa duties. Unfortunately, Eli's was closed that evening, this being the summer and all.


On Thursday we unloaded the truck, which went much faster than loading. Unfortunately, the chest of drawers was just as heavy and slippery as it had been before.

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click picture to enlarge Alas, garage filled in same interval

Only the furniture was actually moved into the house. All the boxes (OK, all the boxes except the ones with Bombay Sapphire gin) were put in the garage. This will give me a chance to go through each one again one more time before allowing things into the house.

After the truck was returned, we took a brief dip in the pool, had lunch, then headed to Ontario to catch a flight back to San Jose.

Thanks, Bob!