Celebration dinner

Evening at Dave and Busters

dinner (L-R) Ray, Paul, Jim, Angela, Carolyn. Photo by Bob.

Some of my friends decided to take me out for dinner and an evening of games at Dave and Busters in the Great Mall in Milpitas. They were very secretive about it all: "We'll pick you up and meet the others there." I was told only to dress casually and that I would not be embarassed. (They didn't mention humiliation and roasting.)

When we got in the car I restrained myself from asking where we were going, content to wait and see. However, as the car turned from I-280 onto I-880, I quipped, "Oh, we must be going to Dave and Busters." My companions skillfully covered up their astonishment that I had divined our destination on my first guess, and they kept up the pretence all the way into the parking lot at the Great Mall.

The evening began with dinner — very good — and several retirement gifts. This was followed by hours of games in the arcade. These are all virtual video experiences designed with freely flowing testosterone in mind: motorcycles, racing cars, snowmobiles, 18-wheelers, machine guns, boxing gloves, and so on. Unfortunately, my abysmal eye-hand coordination and slow reaction times were all too real.

For more photos of the fun, check out the slide show (sidebar).

wow_300 Yikes! I'm too old for this! In photo: Paul, retiree
click picture to enlarge Jim gets style points for bobbing and weaving
click picture to enlarge But guess which boxer scored a knock-out — Carolyn
click picture to enlarge Move your bloomin' arse! Left-to-right: Paul, Ray
click picture to enlarge Easy Rider rides again
click picture to enlarge Left-to-right: Paul, Jim, Carolyn, Ray
click picture to enlarge Beam me up, Scotty! Left-to-right: Bob, Jim
click picture to enlarge Left-to-right: Bob, Jim, Ray, Paul
click picture to enlarge Front-to-back: Jim, Paul, Ray