Retirement celebration dinner

| Some of my friends decided to take me out for dinner and an evening of games at Dave and Busters in the Great Mall in Milpitas. They were very secretive about it all: "We'll pick you up and meet the others there." I was told only to dress casually and that I would not be embarassed. (They didn't mention humiliation and roasting.)  more


Lovely parting gifts

| My workgroup staged a celebration lunch for the three early retirees from the group: Angel, Angelina, and me. There were suitable gifts for us all.  more


Retirement day

| June 28 was my last day as an HP employee. I am now an official "retiree" with a gold badge.  more


Vandalized at Storage USA

| When I went to retrieve my belongings from a locker at Storage USA, I found that the locker had been broken into and most of the boxes opened and rifled through.  more


Moving to Palm Springs

| One of my friends, Ken, said, "Hire a mover. Spend the money. It's worth it." Did I listen? No.  more


First guests

| Friends Jenifer and Richard came to visit, with the furniture in but not much else. All the boxes were still in the garage and the cupboards were bare. But not to worry — they brought an ample supply of snacks and refreshments. They were terrific guests (read: self-sufficient), and we had a great time.  more


But it's a dry heat

| It's 9:30am, and the temperature here in Palm Springs is already 90°F. Because of the high humidity today (35%) the "real feel" is 92°F.  more


My people

| Meet my new roommates. They're called "Stands Strong" and "Reaching Out" by Shelley Rapp Evans, an artist in Laguna Beach.  more


Closed for August vacation

| Life in Palm Springs has a certain rhythm to it, influenced by the calendar and climate.  more


Happy hour

| In June when I retired from HP it was just too chaotic to organize a retirement party for myself — thousands of other retirees were having theirs at the same time! — and I decided to postpone the festivities until the dust had settled.  more


Patio pain

| Getting new patio furniture should be a pleasure, and assembly should be a snap. Should be.  more


First guests II

| After the visit of Jenifer and Richard at the very end of July, I dubbed them "First Guests to Sleep in a Bed." That title, however, has been contested. Loathe to commit an injustice, however inadvertent, I've decided to re-open the question of First Guests to Sleep in a Bed.  more


Coup in the kitchen

| In a surprise move last week, Mr Coffee and Moulinex Coffee and Spice Mill were deposed without ceremony, and Krups and Capresso were installed as mainstay appliances Chez Paul, Palm Springs.  more


More visitors

| They say that September hath 30 days, but I'm damned if I know where they all went! One minute I was waiting for my friends from Vancouver to arrive for a visit, next thing I know, it's been a month since they were here! So, this is a catch-up article.  more


Grass is always greener

| One of the distinctive characteristics of Palm Springs is certainly the lush green landscaping in the middle of the desert. It is an incredible contrast with the sand and rock. It turns out that there's more to all that green grass than water. I've been surprised to learn that the grass is reseeded every spring and fall.  more



| New chairs and stools round out the furnishings for the dining area and patio. Serendipitously, I came across these at Pier 1 Imports while in search of accessories for the new atrium.  more


I'm calling to close my account

| Over the years I picked up a great many credit cards, far more than a fiscally prudent person needs.  more


Parade of planes

| No end of surprises! While out doing errands yesterday, I was astonished to find the street I was on blocked off and turned into a parking lot for airplanes, extending around three sides of the Wyndham hotel.  more


Golf cart parade

| Every year the city of Palm Desert holds a Golf Cart Parade on the first Sunday in November. It's the real deal – floats (all built on golf carts), marching bands, flag twirlers, dignitaries, pre-parade and post-parade entertainment, and so forth.  more


Today I ate a grapefruit

| Life is good. Today I ate a grapefruit for breakfast. Not just any grapefruit, but one harvested from a tree a few steps from my gate, the first of the season. It did not disappoint. I ate the whole thing.  more


Threat of retaliation

| My friend Jim reports a rash of retaliatory attacks by appliances that knew they were being replaced. He fears that in replacing some of my kitchen appliances, I may have put myself in danger. Accordingly, I am setting my personal threat-level to yellow (elevated) and will take heed to remain on high alert.  more


People and their machines

| Recent entries in these pages have resulted in a flurry of stories (OK, two stories) describing others' experiences when they have considered replacing one of their machines.  more


Thanksgiving 2002

| Three friends joined me for Thanksgiving dinner, the first Thanksgiving Chez Paul. Ken is an old friend from HP days, Roy is a new friend and Ken's neighbor, and Bret is an old friend from Vancouver who has been staying a few days, taking refuge from the cold and wet of Vancouver.  more



| The population of migratory snowbirds continues to build as Palm Springs enters high season. So far, species have been spotted from 38 US states, 4 Canadian provinces, and 1 Mexican state. Quite a few more than that, actually, but they were moving too fast to photograph.  more



| I have to say it: it's cold! And the forecast for this week includes days when the temperature is not expected to reach 70° F.  more


Festival of Lights parade 2002

| Saturday night, over 70,000 people thronged downtown to line Palm Canyon Drive for the 11th annual Festival of Lights parade. (Bear in mind that the population of Palm Springs is less than 45,000.)  more


I try my hand at gardening

| I was born with the gene for black-thumb. I can kill off a plant faster than almost anybody. Last week, for example, I brought home from the nursery two fine poinsettia plants, apparently in good health, as a concession to holiday decorating. Within 24 hours, one of the plants had developed black and white spots on its red leaves, and the leaves soon thereafter began to drop.  more


Big wind

| On returning home from depositing my final bonus check from HP, I was shocked to find my holiday poinsettia plants tipped over. One had even fallen to the floor.  more


More brrrr!

| I don't mean to whine, but it's true! — the weather really has been frightful. Cold, cloudy, and wet.  more



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