Chez Paul


Humiliation in Helsinki

| Having spread chaos in his wake in Brussels and London, Trump moved on to Scotland to play golf at his resort and rest up from the ordeal of dealing with our "foes" at Nato and the UK. And not only that, it was an opportunity to suck more money out of the US Treasury. Depending on whose reporting you look at, the US paid Trump's golf resort $60,000 (Money Magazine), £53,000 (The Guardian), or $77,000 (Reuters) for staying at his own property. more


I'm calling to cancel my account

| A few years ago I switched my internet provider from Time-Warner Cable to Verizon FiOS; they were offering a sweet rate and blazing fast speeds, both uploading and downloading. I couldn't resist. Then Verizon was forced to sell its California FiOS business to Frontier as a condition for allowing a merger to go through (I think it was buying AOL). more


Double debacle

| This past weekend, Donald Trump put on one of the most repugnant and disgraceful displays of his presidency, proving once again that just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. more


Windows f*ing updates

| It seemed that for weeks Windows would announce, almost every day, that there were updates available and my computer had to be restarted to complete the installation. more


Made in 1943

| Well I'm counting! Being able to celebrate another birthday now seems like a pretty fair accomplishment. The problem is I've lost count of how many times I have to use each toe and finger to do the math. more

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