Chez Paul


Superbowl 2020 party

| Since the end of the 20th century, various groupings of friends have assembled to observe the quasi-holiday known as SuperBowl (or Super Bowl if you're a stickler for all things NFL). Over time, the exact make-up of the group for any one year has changed, a natural result of people moving away. But there are always some hard-core participants.  more


Christmas 2019

| Christmas this year turned out to be a modest but filling affair. The Canadians had other plans for the day, and at the last minute Rafe called in sick. I should have called in sick as well, but I was the host. What's a host to do? In a word, our table for six shrank to a table for three.  more


Thanksgiving 2019 and days following

| The usual suspects assembled Chez Paul to give thanks, feast, and slake their thirsts.  more


Circumnavigating the Salton Sea

| In the past year we have passed by the Salton Sea many times en route to Mexico to visit the dentist, and the same conversation always ensues.  more


It's my birthday

| It's my birthday. 76 years old. Woo-hoo! And I'm looking forward to my 76th year being so much better than the last.  more

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