Chez Paul


Palm Springs Pride Festival and Parade 2018

| This past weekend was the annual Greater Palm Springs Pride Festival and Parade, featuring a new festival venue and a full weekend of activities that drew people to Palm Springs from all over. more


Close encounter with a roadrunner

| This morning I opened the garage to carry a couple of things to the curb for clean-up week and reset the clock on the irrigation system. When I turned around after setting the clock, there was a cheeky little roadrunner right behind me. more


Sowing and reaping

| Each year the red agave sends up a tall stalk, four or five feet long, on which appear lovely red blossoms that eventually turn into seed pods. Leave them long enough, and the seed pods dry up, open up, and spew red agave seeds all over. more


Hello, Mac!

| In recent months my trusty Gateway laptop, now 9 years old, has been showing signs of senescence: sluggishness, random program crashes, and so forth. But most troubling were the blue screens with cryptic messages about memory failure. It was clearly time to start looking for a replacement. more


The faces of Brett Kavenaugh

| For weeks now, these are the images we have of Donald Trump's latest nominee for the Supreme Court: a beaming Brett Kavenaugh being escorted through the halls of the Senate office building, flanked by two attractive female minders, closely tailed by his sherpa Jon Kyle; or, a beaming Brett Kavenaugh posing for congenial pictures with senators who will decide his fate. Looks like a nice guy, right? more

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