Chez Paul


Opera in the Park 2019

| I'm not sure anymore when we started going to Opera in the Park. I found pictures and a website article from 2006, so I think that's the first year. We've gone every year since. more


Visiting the poppies 2019

| Yesterday, the usual suspects drove to Lancaster to check out the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. Even from miles away you could see hillsides carpeted in orange, blue, and yellow. It's a very good year. more


Invasion across the southern border

| For once The Orange One has said something true — there is an invasion across our southern border. more


Superbowl party 2019

| Last weekend was Super Bowl LIII, and the roaming party moved to Charleston SC for the event. Also, all the hard-core members of the party were present this year. more


Palm Springs Festival of Light parade 2018

| The Festival of Lights parade was Saturday evening, and the usual rule prevailed: if you want good seats, get there early, really early. more

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Aurora Borealis by Jack Dykinga, showcased in Washington Post