Ventive Health (VTIV)

Company. Ventive Health provides "comprehensive marketing and sales solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries" (company website)

VTIV stock chart
gain Bottom line

Buy. Ventive Health traded just above $5 for most of July, then chalked up higher closes seven days in a row to end over $6.50. I bought on the next day, a day on which VTIV opened above $7 then moved lower.

I probably shouldn't have done this. I knew that after so many days of increases the stock was almost certain to pull back, but the upward trend was so strong (ADX line) that I thought I could easily ride out the pull-back.

I've come to place less importance on the Chaikin oscillator at the time of the buy, as long as it is in positive territory. In this case it was way above the zero threshhold. Perhaps I don't understand this indicator as well as I should.

Sell. When VTIV approached $8 and seemed to stall, I tried to sell at $7.85, which would have yielded a tidy profit well over $1 per share. Alas, only 100 shares sold, and the sell order expired at the end of the session.

After retreating almost back to $7 in mid-October, VTIV jumped nearly $1 on very heavy volume — for no apparent reason — on the last day of October to close around $8.50.

I've been tempted to hold on for further gains. The ADX line is essentially flat, and the +DI line is still safely above the -DI line. But Ventive will report earnings next week, and I decided today that discretion would be the better part of valor. I put in a sell order for $8.34 (a couple of cents above the current price). All but 80 of my shares sold.