Gsi Commerce Inc (GSIC)

Company. "GSI Commerce is a leading outsource solution for e-commerce. We develop and operate online retailing and direct response marketing businesses for retailers, branded manufacturers, media companies, and professional sports organizations. Our platform includes Web site design and development, e-commerce technology, customer service, fulfillment, buying and merchandising, content development and management, online and database marketing, and product development." (company website)

GSIC stock chart
gain Bottom line

Buy. GSIC had been climbing steadily since it bottomed at $1.55 in mid-March, 2003. When I bought in June, GSIC stock had already gained more than 450% since that low, but the trend seemed to still be strong.

GSIC took a breather in late June (which caused me no small amount of anxiety), but then resumed a steady climb.

Sell. It is August, a time when the stock market typically goes nowhere. "They say" it's because people are more focused on summer vacations than trading. With numerous prognosticators and pundits predicting a pull-back from the strong rally in the Nasdaq, it seemed like a good moment to take some profits. Fifty percent ain't half bad!

bird in hand

It is not unreasonable to expect that GSIC might go up some more. The company turned in a good EPS report — a loss of 10¢ compared to Expectations for a loss of 15¢.

However, I suspect that before going up some more, GSIC is likely to pull back a bit, as it did after crossing the $9 level. I chose to sell; there are fewer and fewer birds in the Wall Street bushes in the summer.