Docucorp International (DOCC)

Company. "Docucorp is the authority in providing dynamic solutions for acquiring, managing, personalizing and presenting enterprise information — from bills, statements and forms to e-mail, transactions, customer correspondence and more." (company website)

DOCC stock chart
gain Bottom line

Buy. It was a good idea at the time. After reaching a high of $6.50 in early June, DOCC stock took a breather and dipped back down to $5.15 before starting back up. I bought when it got back up to $6 and the signs looked positive.

Two days later, DOCC was near $7, and I was feeling pretty smug. The last two days of June and the first trading day in July were a little weird, with big, big ranges, but opening and closing at almost the same price. The conventional wisdom is that this reflects investor indecision (duh!), and the next day saw another drop. But then, DOCC recovered back to $6.50 and stayed there for several days.

"Good," I thought, "it's getting rested for another climb." Sure enough, it eventually broke $7 again. But that was followed by another march downward, all the way to $5.35. Yikes!

Sell. Although DOCC has recovered back above the price I paid, it really doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The -DI line is above the +DI line and going up (more "selling pressure" than "buying pressure"). Earnings are due to be reported the first week in September. So, it just seems best to free up the capital and sell.

DOCC stock has been trading in a rising channel ever since it bottomed at just over $3 in March. Perhaps that will continue, but the wide swings up and down don't give me warm fuzzy feelings.

DOCC 6 month chart