Allen after his arrest Allen faces the cameras after his arrest

Florida's Allen plays the stupid card

Trumping his own the race card

Florida State Representative Bob Allen, righteous crusader for family values, took a walk in the park last month and offered an undercover policeman in one of the park bathrooms $20 for the privilege of giving the officer a blow job. Allen proclaimed that it was all a big misunderstanding. At a press conference the day after his arrest, Allen denied all responsibility, saying, "This is an ugly and unpleasant situation that has been thrust upon me and my family." As if he had been completely passive!

It was particularly delicious irony that Allen had been the author of a bill to make any public sex act a felony instead of a misdemeanor. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, the bill died in committee.

Now, additional details have come out that make the story even better.

• Informed that he was under arrest, Allen asked the officer if it would make a difference that he was a legislator. That was a negative.

Senator Mike Fasano (left) and Representative Bob Allen (right) join the Sottile Family following the passage of HB 73, The Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant Nicholas Sottile Act

• Shortly before the caper in the park, Allen was named Legislator of the Year by the Florida Police Benevolent Association. Allen had championed HB 73, The Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant Nicholas Sottile Act, making a significant change in how the State Law Enforcement Officers Bargaining Unit is organized. The bill had been a high priority for police. Quid pro quo? Would not be unreasonable...

• Allen had been a trustee of Girls and Boys Town, a home for abused and neglected kids. Allen has since tendered his resignation. Greg Zbylut, the group's executive director, said, "We recognize there is a need for him to take care of his family." Isn't that just too predictable? Could more shoes be going to drop?

Allen voting during legislative session Allen (left) votes during session. Note laptop covers of the Republicans.

• In the current legislative session, Allen sponsored no fewer than six different sex crime bills, three of which focus on indecent exposure and soliciting sex. This guy has issuespsychological issues!(See sidebar)

• Last Friday, police released taped statements made by Allen during his arrest. Allen had been observed going into the bathroom three times. His explanation? Allen said he was afraid of the weather, telling police, "I said the building is safer than staying out here." And why did he offer to give the policeman a blow job and $20? Allen said he was afraid because the officer was "a pretty stocky black guy, and there's other black guys around in the park that—you know!" He was just "playing along" so he wouldn't become "a statistic."

Let's see — you're afraid because the park is full of black guys, so you agree to leave a public park and go "across the bridge" with a "stocky black guy" that you don't know, and on top of that you agree to give him $20 for giving him a blow job?!?!

That's not just playing the racist card, that's playing the stupid card!

Allen will be forced out of the State House by term limits in 2008, but he intends to run for State Senate. Others may have different ideas. State Representative Mitch Needleman (R) of Brevard County said, "The phrase 'innocent until proven guilty' is sacred to us," but he added, "Politically it's a different story, and Rep. Allen, his inner circle and his family are going to have to give some serious thought as to whether or not he should continue in any political career.... These are some of our core values being challenged in this court case. The repercussions are very serious. I believe he needs to give (his political future) some serious thought." (Quoted in Hometown News)