Young Joshua

Young Joshua at three

3 years and 132 days, to be precise

Faithful readers will remember the saga of Young Joshua who began life Chez Paul as a seed that sprouted into what looked like a single blade of grass. Benign neglect is apparently good for Joshua trees, for YJ is now a sturdy young lad.

As he has grown — one leaf at a time — Young Joshua has gotten taller and thick around the middle (not unlike his keeper). The soil in his pot has continued to shrink, depleted, I suppose, by the ravenous appetite of a growing lad. It was time to repot.

pot bound roots

In their native habitat, the high desert, Joshua trees send down roots very deep in search of water. In captivity, this instinctual urge is frustrated by the confines of the pot, and Young Joshua has wrapped his tap root round and round and round in the pot.

I found a larger, more cylindrical pot that would accomodate YJ and a lot more dirt to grow on.

happy in his new pot

YJ is now happy in his new pot where he can wiggle his toes again, at least for the time being. I expect another growth spurt as he takes advantage of his expanded quarters.

I almost feel compelled to return YJ to the wild so he can live up to his full potential. But who knows if his cousins would accept him back, now that he has lived with humans.